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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  October 22, 2017 11:30pm-12:03am EDT

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i really appreciate you all indulging me here for a few moments when i'm sure you'd rather be at home with your loved ones, figuring out what comes next. or at the very least, at a bar with your colleagues, cursing the day you turned down that job on wall street to work in government. (laughter) well, that commitment is what i want to talk to you about tonight. our work isn't political. our work is representing the interests and values of the united states to the best of our ability. and let me be clear that in that effort, not one of you are nonessential. this department and this nation and the world will be poorer for your absence. as for myself, each one of you pushes me to be better every single day.
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especially the guy who wrote this speech. (laughter) he-he put that line in the speech, by the way. (elizabeth laughs) all of you, you chose to be here because you believed in something larger than yourselves. (people cheering) that sense of duty and service is, well, particularly in today's egotistical culture, in my mind, truly heroic. and so, on behalf of myself and the people of the united states, i say to each and every one of you a heartfelt thank you. until we see each other again... good night and good luck. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota.
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another marine corps marathon in the books, 30,000 runners, 30,000 stories. >> he's a legend. he's on the mural at benz. radio legend donnie simpson giving his secrets to lasting 40 years in the business. >> and outrage and mistrust, why aren't their missing loved ones found taking their message to d.c. police.
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us. i'm debra alfarone. we're going to begin tonight with breaking news. right now there are two people dead in alexandria. police are investigating a deadly shooting at all veterans park on duke street. let's get right to stephanie ramirez. >> reporter: this is the scene near pickett and duke. this was a triple shooting and the third person was rushed to an area hospital with severe injuries police tell us. a police spokesperson says they found two people dead at arrival here tonight. around 8:45 is when we're told the shooting happened. neighbors say they did not hear the shots. they did speak with us. you didn't hear anything? >> no, no. just hearing the sirens and it was too many, yeah. by the time like five minutes into it the whole police department was here. >> reporter: police are releasing very little information now as to motive, but this is still a very active investigation. we'll be sure to have any updates for you online at by veterans park, stephanie
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ramirez, wusa9. >> thank you so much, stephanie. police have north pickett from the park to duke street blocked off right now. we'll start again with another story here of a potential threat at eleanor rosevelt high school in greenbelt. as a precautionary measure, wusa9 has learned extra police will be on hand tomorrow morning. prince george's county school authorities say a possible threat was made on social media. the principal has notified parents about this incident. switching gears, their loved ones are missing. some may have been murdered. the one thing they all have in common, they feel like the system has failed them. tonight family and friends took their stories and anger to d.c. police headquarters. here's wusa9's michael quander. >> my soul is empty. my heart is on the floor. my guts been pulled out of me! >> reporter: it's been six months to the day. >> it's emotional. >> reporter: since marty mcmillan disappeared. >> we don't have a body.
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home going. >> reporter: mcmillan was 22 from south east. family members say he was planning to meet a woman from a dating website, but he never returned. now all that's left are the prayers, the pictures and the memories. but they're not alone. >> unique, kristen, alicia. >> reporter: several families and advocates shared their stories in front of police headquarters on sunday. >> you cannot sweep us under the rug and tell us we're going to look and not look. >> reporter: some claiming police didn't do a good job on the investigation. >> they wonder why we cry out black lives matter. well, this is why. >> it just seemed like it's a culture when it comes to african american cases, we don't get the same kind of attention. >> reporter: some loved ones felt brushed off because of their race or the lack of money they had to pour into the case. >> i mean i'm sorry that she's not the blonde head and the blue eyes. >> reporter: others believe they were ignored because of their criminal st
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he was my son. >> that's the death of my grandchild and i'm not supposed to have any suggestions? i'm not supposed to think? i'm just supposed to accept whatever answers you give me? this is my grandson! >> reporter: this group wants to get rid of red tape and barriers from stopping police from investigating homicides sooner. >> make it urgent. make it as though it was your own that you got to go looking for. >> i am sorry if we didn't get it right with your case. >> reporter: police say look, they don't always get it right, but they're working hard to make changes and make sure every single case gets the attention it deserves. >> i guess one of the biggest challenges, of course, is, well, not the biggest but change. when you change the way that you do anything, sometimes there are a little resistance. >> reporter: reporting in northwest washington, i'm michael quander, wusa9. >> d.c. police say it's important for people to know a person doesn't have to be
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hours before you can report them missing in the district. as soon as you notice something is not right, call 202-727-9099 or you can always text that tip line at 50411. two d.c. men are dead tonight after a fatal suv crash in dewey beach. delaware state police say the men were straddling their bicycles in front of the star born bathroom and restaurant when they were struck by -- bar and restaurant when they were struck by a chevy suburban. they were pronounced dead at the scene. the 61-year-old driver of the suv apparently suffered some type of medical emergency and just blacked out. they say he also struck a utility pole and an unoccupied jeep wrangler. runners from every state and more than 60 countries all descended upon d.c. for the marine corps marathon
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more than 32,000 people each year making it one of the oldest and one of the biggest in the world and every one of them has a story. >> overhead the fb-22 osprey. >> it's absolutely a phenomenal morning for the metropolitan d.c. area, the seventh largest marathon in the united states, the marine corps marion thon, the people's marathon, -- marathon, the people's marathon, the marathon of the monuments. >> everybody take your marks, get set. [ gunshot ] >> i'm a running addict. if i don't run, i don't feel well. >> travis was a manner and he was kill -- a marine and he was killed in fallujah and travis' father was also a marine and used to run this marathon together. so when travis was killed, his father took his number and he ran for the both of them. >> last september i was
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leukemia. i went through a stem cell transplant in june, doing much better now, full remission and here we are today to celebrate. >> sarah bishop of fairfax, virginia, two hours, 45 minutes and desta barisso of arlington with a time of two hours and 25 minutes were our winners, but you're all winners. it's been dry and, of course, kind of warm, but some changes are on the way and i know who knows, first alert meteorologist, howard bernstein. >> watching all this rain out west. if you're looking for a real heavy rain, i don't see that. we might get 1/2 inch, if that. we've got some high clouds tonight and with the clouds around and wind a little more than calm, we certainly will see temperatures likely a lot warmer than the last couple of mornings. in fact, right now we're in the 50s, still 64 in
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mid-50s. we'll stay low 50s in the cool spots, low 60s in town with clouds thickening up tonight and on monday low to mid-70s monday with a spotty shower, but it's going to be monday night to see these showers approaching. it's a little faster than we were thinking early, so this may be gone by tuesday morning. then we've got cooler air to follow for midweek. we'll have those details coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, howard. the green-eyed bandit took over downtown d.c. today and we're talking about the 40 year celebration of donnie simpson on d.c. asian air waves. stephanie ramirez -- d.c.'s air waves. stephanie ramirez was there earlier today as people packed the warner theater to pay tribute to the living legend. >> reporter: not everyone is from d.c., so let me help you out. to give you an idea who donnie simpson is, he stopped and asked for my name first so he can introduce himself. we've been here 20 minutes and he's still saying hello
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everyone here. he hasn't gotten through the main doors. >> i've been with him since he was with kiss. >> i've been listening to donnie simpson since i was a little killed. >> reporter: sunday night was about four hours of dr. green eyes, -- kid. >> reporter: sunday night was about four hours of dr. green eyes. he's made an impact on this city in more ways than one. that's why elizabeth tisdale came out on her birthday weekend. >> my brother loves music and he has autism and my brother wrote a letter to donnie when i was about 16. >> reporter: a line wrapped around the block sunday to celebrate the d.c. staple who was actually from michigan. what's the secret after 40 years? simpson with his wife of also four decades. >> i listen to this woman. >> and he does it rather well. >> yeah, yeah. you learn that after 40 years here. >> reporter: as a voice for the city,
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words. >> it seems like a lot of energy is trying to move us backwards. it's not going to happen. even though you may feel like it's happening right now, it is not happening. we are still moving forward. >> reporter: at the warner theater, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> congratulations! the stars honoring simpson included dougie fresh, big daddy cane and dmv's own rare essence. sex trafficking, the world's fastest growing organized crime and it's happening in our area, just ahead what you need
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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84 children were rescued last week in an fbi led operation against sex trafficking and according to the fbi, sex trafficking is the world's fastest growing organized crime. the department of justice said up to 300,000 american children are at risk of being trafficked in the u.s. each year and listen to this. the average age of a child sex trafficking victim reported missing? just 15 years old. and it's happening right here in the ti
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virginia and maryland and in d.c., but to solve the problem we have to understand how it happens and who is behind it. >> americans care a lot about money. we talk about jobs and taxes and paychecks, but here's what we don't talk about. right here in the united states there is a thriving underground economy based on selling children for sex. if sex sells, then business is good. look at all the money. it was almost $1 billion in this study, but these dirty profits come at a huge cost. this is how sex traffickers do business. it's about supply and demand. first they need someone to sell. traffickers target children in their own homes. they find them by combing through social media profiles looking to spark a conversation. the trafficker targets preteens and teens by finding an in,
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their trust. it could be the promise of a modeling career. they might buy them drugs or alcohol or provide protection from an already dangerous situation at home. traffickers gain psychological control and use violent threats to force victims to stay. once the child is isolated from family and friends the trafficker puts them up for sale. this is where the demand comes in. traffickers use internet sites to connect with buyers or johns, but calling them johns is too polite. they are abusers. they are purchasing kids for sex. so who are these buyers? court records show they've been teachers, pastors, cops and judges. they could be the guy next- door. the trafficker gets the money. the buyer gets sex. the child victim gets exploited and sold. so how
11:49 pm
prostitution, pornography or other sexual acts? these victims are minors. legally they cannot consent. this isn't the movies. it's not like pretty woman or taken. richard geer is not the buyer. liam neeson isn't there to save the day. this is sexual exploitation. this is trafficking. this is modern day slavery. it's selling girls. >> and selling young boys, too. tomorrow night at 11:00 behind bars and revealing secrets, a man who sold young girls to men explains how he made tens of thousands of dollars off of them, got caught and went right back out to do it again. right now on our wusa9 website learn about the social media site that pimps are using to find and lure young girls, plus hear from girls who have been trafficked and their advice to all you parent out there so the
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out there so the same thing dent happen to your children. -- doesn't happen to your children. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> you feeling it? >> it has been really warm and beautiful today and you're asking i think if i'm feeling a change? >> yeah. the humidity that's creeping up. >> no. >> yeah. maybe a frizz alert monday. by tuesday it may be a yellow weather alert. we may drop because the storms could get through us overnight. >> how did you do on that 3- degree guarantee, my friend? >> pretty well. i only went 75. we got to 77. it was a beautiful afternoon with the sunshine and high clouds. tomorrow i'm forecasting a 3- degree temp of 76. if we get the thicker clouds, that may not happen, but the day planner does show, if the computer wants to go for me, the day planner does show the temperatures are going to climb into the low to mid-70s here. we've got readings -- and i'm going to
11:51 pm
this/there, there we go -- low -- this, there we go -- low to mid-70s and a threat of rain tomorrow night. remember how cool it's been the last few mornings. 50s and 60s now, pax river 65, cambridge no wind and 60, 1/4 mile visibility. they've got fog and we could see fog along the coast overnight. notice minneapolis and chicago near 60, but watch what happens on tuesday with 40s here. that cool shot is coming our way heading into witness and thursday. low 60s wednesday and upper 50s to low 60s thursday. we can't get very cold with this pattern. look at all these clouds coming in off the pacific bringing in the milder pacific air into the country and when
11:52 pm
canada the real cold stuff has a tough time moving south. we're also watching moisture in the gulf lifting northward. it looks like that stuff moves in here tomorrow night. so more clouds tomorrow, a stray shower, but look at the rain. some of this could be briefly heavy, but even by 4:30 now it's east of us. this is a lot thicker. at the moment we have a yellow weather alert up for tuesday morning. i have a feeling we'll drop that with the timing being more overnight. low 50s to low 60s tonight, mild, partly to mostly cloudy, even a patch of fog, tomorrow morning 50s and 60 s, mostly cloudy, -- 60s, mostly cloudy, mild and a stray shower in the afternoon, friday morning low to mid-70s. more sun, a little breezy, drop the yellow weather alert. breezy and cooler wednesday, 63. by thursday that's a brisk day. you'll need jackets and sweaters with highs only around 60,
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say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month. our lowest price ever on this offer. but only for a limited time. call today. comcast business. built for business. it's the season for flu shots to
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of stores, but is there mercury in the flu shot? we'll turn to our verify team to find out. >> coughing and sneezing co- workers, tons of tired people going on a tissue tirade. flu season started this month and it's time to get your flu shot. viewer tom jenkins asked us to verify something before getting the is there mercury he asked, you know, the harmful toxic stuff in old time thermometers and light bulb? mercury in our flu shots? some people online are freaked out saying they're worried because mercury in flu shots is dangerous and could even be linked to autism. first of all, is there really mercury in flu vaccines? our verify team went to the cdc and fda and both say yes, bam, there is a preservative added to vaccines that is 50% mercury. it's called themerisol and the cdc said three done a bunch of
11:57 pm
studies saying it has no link to autism. it's put in the shot to keep bacteria and fungus from growing in the vial because that could cause staph infection. we dug deeper and looked. themerisol is used only in multi-dose shots where the nurse needs to refill the syringe various times. it uses about 25 micrograms, about the same amount in an 8- ounce can of tuna fish. so there is a small amount of mercury added to flu shots to keep away the bacteria. if i haven't convinced you, there are fda approved mercury free flu shots you can get. go to to see the full list. david letterman received a mark twain prize for american
11:58 pm
humor tonight. 70-year-old letterman was honored in a star studded celebration at the kennedy center. letterman spent more than 30 years hosting late night tv on nbc and cbs. going back to the flu shot, you're not a fan. >> not a believer and, you know, we had an emotional day nonetheless. we said good-bye to a dear friend tonight at
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it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way.
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now wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> most of us have an rfk story or several. i still remember seeing my first redskins game there live in the mid-'80s thinking wow, i actually got into rfk, but it was time for the stadium to close
12:02 am
was sad to see the final match on sunday. d.c. facing the new york red bulls. it was #lastcallrfk is what the game was dubbed. d.c. gets on the board first and a storybook ending perhaps for d.c. paul arreola arriola with the first goal, but -- arriola with the first goal, but the red bulls win 2-1, but it did not spoil the party for fans to celebrate once more for the last time at rfk and next year celebrations will be at buzzard point. >> it was my first game. it was the 2014 conference finals. they lost 2-1. i knew right from the start i wanted to be on the wild side. i
12:03 am
i'm happy i came over here. i hope we get a good stadium. i'm excited for it. >> it's great to see that the club is moving forward. it's sad, but i think everybody in this club is very excited to be in a new stadium and hopefully start a new era. >> for the season to have character. it's an institution, but we're really excited for the new stadium i think and to have new memories there. >> yes, yes. >> we all have individual memories that we've had here, some more than others, but for me, sure, the national team, d.c. united, it's grown up here. it's basically where i grew up. >> reporter: i saw you walk over to this crowd over here. there must have been a lot of emotions running through your head as a player and a coach. >> it's been a ride, 20 years. i didn't think it would be this emotional.
12:04 am
here on this field. >> so many memories, too many that i can't count, but it's a pleasure to have those memories and to make them with such a unique family of people that paved the way and created so many memories for this club that will last a lifetime. i'm so grateful to be part of it. >> i'm going to miss rfk, spent a lot of my time there rooting on the home teams, a strange spaceship type structure down on east capitol street holds a special place in my heart. everybody played at rfk. sure, it was a dump at the end, but it was our dump. so thanks for the memories, rfk, but did is time to go. the former tenant of the redskins gearing up for a huge nfc east showdown at the eagles. the eagles have a chance to redeem themselves in front of a national tv audience where kirk cousinho
12:05 am
quarterback. kirk cousins, 0-5 on monday night football. we shall see tomorrow night. >> i'm sure he had something to say. >> i'm sure it was great. we could make it up right now, but anyway. nice tomorrow? >> it won't be too bad. look for rain overnight and probably out of here by daybreak tuesday.


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